We are holding a funeral procession (in cars) on Saturday, August 8, 2020. We will continue do this regularly in cities around the state. The symbolism is “the death of racism”. The objective is helping folks imagine a life and a world where there is no racism and to give ideas on how to take action based on this death.
The procession will begin from a soon to be disclosed site in Milwaukie, Oregon on August 8th at 11:45 am. We will have our speakers broadcast on the Numberz 96.7 or theNumberz.fm.Participants will remain in their cars for the procession to adhere to True social distancing. Upon return additional speakers can be heard while parked in your car. We will provide an informational obituary with action items you can take in your city.
There will be food and refreshments available for purchase from Right Bayou and Kona Ice, who are local Black Owned Businesses. Please show your support and pick up some delicious grub! You can even call in during the procession and have it waiting to pick up when we return.
In order to protect our event and participants, the starting location will be announced the day before and the route will be handed out as you arrive. Car flags and T-shirts will be available for pre-order and pick up at the event.
Let’s envision and empower ideas and actions “independent” of Racism. The death of racism is now! LEARN MORE HERE